Taza Mas, a 93 ft steel ketch, approached Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) with a challenge.  She had 2 old Onan generators that were old & limping & needed replacing.

After reviewing all the options the owner decided to replace them with 2 new M864 25kw Northern Lights.  This was a particular challenge as the old generators had been installed by cutting holes in the side of the hull & inserting the units, re-welding afterwards.  After copious measurements we decided that the old units could be removed & new generators installed by walking them through the boat.  This involved lifting under the aft covered cockpit roof, 20ft through the upper salon, down a flight of stairs, around a corner, down another flight of stairs then monkey swinging both units into place.  Nothing like a challenge!

Both generators are now installed & purring away to the great satisfaction of the Captain.

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