Palm Tree Marine Services Mega Yacht Northern Lights Generator


In December of 2020, Mike Bingley and Sim Hoggarth of Palm Tree Marine in Grenada were asked by a customer if they could change the generator end on his yacht’s Northern Lights Generator.  “No problem,” they said.  Then they found out that the generator was on the 144 ft mega yacht “King Baby” moored at Port Louis marina in St. George’s harbour.  Not only was the generator end over 900lbs, but it would also require negotiating the huge alternator through a circuitous route in the immaculate interior of the yacht.  It took some clever engineering to make ramps and lifting gear to move the old alternator out of the vessel, then move the new one in.  The captain was at first concerned about having the work done in the Caribbean.  But Palm Tree Marine is an authorized Northern Lights Dealer and they soon put his mind at ease with their professionalism.  With good engineering and careful hands-on work, they removed the old alternator in 2 days.  Having set up everything already, Palm Tree was ready when the new alternator arrived and got it installed within budget and on time.

Palm Tree Marine has been in business since ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2007 and were appointed as Northern Lights Dealers in Grenada soon thereafter.  They regularly assist Northern Lights customers with competent and cost effective repairs and repowers.  For more information, contact Sim Hoggarth in Clarkes’ Court Boatyard, St Georges, Grenada on +1-473-407-2782 or email

Mike and Jason wrestle the alternator into position on the aft deck.

King Baby’s chief engineer looks on as Mike and Jason lift the 900lb alternator off the generator.

Mike Bingley carefully pushes the new alternator on its custom made trolley.

Northern Lights 6kW Generator Supply and Installation by Palm Tree Marine

After 14 years of nursing and repairing our 8kW Mastervolt generator, it was time for a proper replacement on our much-beloved Hylas 49!

Having the boat in Grenada and after consulting with many of our fellow cruisers, we decided to go with a 6kW Northern Lights Generator. Palm Tree Marine, being a Northern Lights Dealer, was highly recommended for the supply and installation!

Mike came to the boat and did an inspection and measurements to verify that the new generator would fit nicely!

At Clarkes Court Marine service dock, the old generator came out quickly and efficiently!

The new generator went in as easily as the old one came out! Not a ding or a scratch anywhere on the boat, with a very professional crew all working together!

Although Mike the owner and Sim the manager are very knowledgeable in boat engineering, their Northern Lights factory-trained technician, Rakime, was an integral part of the whole installation on the boat and he was a pleasure to have on the boat for the few days that it took to install the generator!

Mike’s idea for extra motor mounts turned out to be fantastic for a super smooth operation!

A perfect fit!!!

My wife and I are thrilled as to how quiet and smooth the operation of this 6kW Northern Lights Generator is and what a pleasant experience it was working with Palm Tree Marine!!

Palm Tree Marine

We would highly recommend both Palm Tree Marine and this marvellous generator to anyone who wants to upgrade their boat!

Thank you!
Chris & Fran Marcos


Jamal Jones has been awarded the Employee of the Quarter for Parts & Power’s 3rd Quarter.

Jamal joined Parts & Power following the flood in August 2017.  His Aunt Gladys Jones, who was our Logistics Coordinator at the time, introduced him when we were looking for additional help to salvage inventory and clean up.  We were so impressed with his work ethic that we offered him a full-time job. Jamal began as a Warehouse Clerk doing manual tasks such as Receiving and stocking shelves.

Although he had no computer experience, he quickly mastered all our Inventory computer systems.  He learned how to operate a Forklift and our JCB Teletrucks.  In his duties delivering items he has to interact with BVI Customs and Port Authority frequently and has developed a good relationship with them.

After more than 3 years on the job, he can brag as being Accident-Free despite handling so many different pieces of equipment.  Jamal recently distinguished himself while assisting in the move of Parts & Power from Port Purcell to our new home in Fish Bay.  He put in long days, taking on any task that needed accomplishing.

When voting for our Employee of the Quarter, the Management Team were unanimous in their election of Jamal.

In the photo, Jamal is shown on right with his supervisor, Logistics Coordinator Nema Benjamin; carefully masked as always.


Brenton and Sheila Ford resigned from Parts & Power in September to move to Sheila’s home country of Scotland.  Sheila had traveled to Scotland in July for her father’s funeral.  Due to the Covid border closure in the BVI, the process to return was taking a long time.  That, combined with family obligations, made her decide to remain in Scotland.  Brenton, and their dog Shaggy, packed up in late October to join Sheila in Scotland. Parts & Power wish Sheila and Brenton (and Shaggy) the best of success in their new endeavors in Scotland.  They will be missed.

Brenton is shown on right in the photo with Robin Hales of Parts & Power during a Poker Run in June of 2019.


Germain James is awarded Employee of the Quarter

Parts & Power is pleased to announce that Germain James has been awarded Employee of the Quarter for Q2 2020.  Germain, who is our lead Generator Technician, has been with Parts & Power since 2017.  He and his brother Ronald, who was awarded Employee of the Quarter in 2019, lost their entire house in Hurricane Irma. Not a wall was standing. Having lost everything, he made his way to Parts & Power the next morning.  When asked what he wanted to do, he said “there is work to be done”. He spent the next 6 months working up to 14 hours/day, 7 days/week.  He was a major force in the BVI Recovery following Irma.  After the recent lockdown of the BVI, there were elderly and indigent persons in the Community who ran out of food and water. Germain volunteered for several days to do Food Relief Deliveries to those in need.  Germain is renown for his outstanding Customer Service, and it is always delivered with a big smile on his face.  Germain’s integrity is what makes him such a wonderful person, and our Employee of the Quarter.

Germain James (left) is awarded a power tool for Employee of the Quarter by Service Manager Sayeed Mohammed.

Northern Lights Caribbean Dealers hold virtual meeting amid the Coronavirus lockdowns


9 April 20, Road Town, Tortola

Most Caribbean Countries are on lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  With few exceptions, all Caribbean Countries are restricting anyone, other than Essential Workers, from leaving their own yard.  Although most Caribbean Northern Lights Dealers are Essential Workers in their own counties, there is very little work to require anyone from going out.  With this in mind, Robin Hales and Gavin Dooley, from Parts & Power, organized an online training meeting with all the Caribbean Dealers.  It was a good opportunity for everyone to get together and discuss the Northern Lights Product, and the Northern Lights and websites.  Rob hosted the event, and Gavin was our trainer.

There were 26 people in attendance on the Zoom meeting with one or more participants from

Marine Power Services, Antigua; Dominica Marine Centre, Dominica; Palm Tree Marine, Grenada; Inboard Diesel Services, Martinique; Electec, St. Maarten; Caraibes Diesel, St. Martin; Marintek, St. Lucia; LP Marine, Trinidad; Marine Maintenance, Tortola; CRC, Virgin Gorda; Import Supply, St. Thomas and Parts & Power.

“It is important, in this time of isolation, for everyone to remain engaged,” Robin Hales said.  “I thought it was also an excellent time for us all to get together to talk about the Northern Lights Product.”  It is not very often when we can get the attention of our very busy Dealers.  So, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that most people were in isolation.  Besides, I have not had an opportunity to meet with some of our Dealers, especially with planned travel being postponed at this time” he said.  “Although face to face meetings are not possible, this was the next best thing.  This was so successful that we will hold a follow up meeting next week.”

New Caribbean Northern Lights Dealer appointed in Trinidad and Tobago Parts and Power Ltd are delighted to welcome LP Marine into their Dealer Network

LP Marine and Industrial Supplies Ltd was established in 1987 by company founder Leslie Persad.

Mr. Persad’s interest in boating and fishing, coupled with extensive business experience, enabled him to develop the Volvo Penta brand in Trinidad and Tobago.

In the ensuing years the company forged strategic partnerships with Vetus Boating, Duramax Marine and Johnson Pumps—SPX Flow, to name a few. These long term relationships have enabled LP Marine to offer the local and regional markets with optimum performance and quality designed marine equip-ment, vessels, industrial products and supplies. LP are truly experienced in supplying marine solutions into the Petro-Chemical and Energy sectors.

Today, LP Marine is run by Ian Persad, with the head office (main retail outlet and warehousing), located at 176B Western Main Road, Pt. Cumana, Trinidad West Indies.

The company stocks over 25,000 affordably priced Marine and Industrial line items. Diverse catalogues of marine spares and accessories are readily available for sourcing and delivery of parts at a moments notice. The experienced team are on hand to assist customers with their immediate and long term requirements.

LP Marine was appointed as a Northern Lights Dealer for Trinidad & Tobago on 1st January 2020. Parts & Power Ltd look forward to working closely with LP Marine in Trinidad and Tobago.

LP Marine Telephone (868) 633-3395, Email: