Northern Lights Introduces Improved DC Logic

Starting in June, Northern Lights is changing their DC Logic for the first time in over 40 years.  The affected generators include marine units from M673LD3 through M944T sizes – including commercial marine sets through the M40C3.  The first difference you will see is that the generators will be coming with a different plug.

The connector will change from the black, round connector (known as the “Merc plug”) to a gray, rectangular Deutsch DT plug.


Deutsch DT series connectors are rugged and weatherproof and are common to many transportation wiring systems.  Northern Lights DC Logic remains simple and easy to diagnose. The new relay logic will provide easier installation of advanced control panels being offered by the factory.  Below are links to the old wiring schematic versus the new wiring schematic.  A limited number of generators with the old DC wiring are still available. Contact Parts & Power in Tortola, or your nearest Caribbean dealer, for more information.

Dockyard Electrics, Ltd. Announces New Staff Member

Dockyard Electrics has a new member of staff, Cliff Hulsart joined the team in August 2009 as Engineering Works Manager. He has a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Eckerd College. Cliff served a lengthy career as Production Manager for Pacer Marine in Florida. Pacer is an industry leader in marine electrical manufacturing. There he gained knowledge of AutoCAD, custom panels, systems design and was responsible for ABYC compliant works. He also worked as a director for Yacht Engineering Services in Florida in addition to building boats with Jupiter Marine International.

Cliff brings a diverse set of skills and is adapting well to the very different environment that Trinidad presents.

“I have been boating in one form or another since I was 9 years old, it all started with a 12’ rowboat my parents bought me thinking I just might like it! I find Trinidad to be a challenging and rewarding place to live and work” – Cliff Hulsart

– Contributed by Dave Cooper