Northern Lights Visits Customers at Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting December 2015

From 5-9 December members from the Northern Lights family visited customers at the 54th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting (ACYM).

The Charter Yacht Show was very successful with 105 yachts ranging in size from 62 ft to 296 ft. In addition there were another 40-50 yachts in Falmouth Harbour which were not in the Show.

Mike Prado and Nils Nelson, from Deerfield Beach, Vice President/General Manager, Brian Vesely, from Seattle, and Tom Gerker from NL Distributor Parts & Power visited vessels on Falmouth Harbour Marina, the Yacht Club Marina, the Dockyard Marina and the Catamaran Marina.

They found many of the yachts had Northern Lights products on them, both generators and Lugger propulsion engines. In most cases they received nothing but favorable reports from Engineers and Captains. A few vessels had questions or problems on their equipment that the team was able to address. In many cases the NL representatives found a recurring theme that they had discovered at previous shows. Many of the NL customers simply needed advice on how to maintain their Northern Lights equipment, and where to go to get information. In some cases, issues that Engineers and Customers were having in the field were recorded by Brian so he could make changes in Production at the Factory to make Northern Lights products even better.

They found that, in some cases, customers were overhauling their generators prematurely. Because they had owned competitor’s products in the past who recommended overhauls at 10, 15 or 20,000 hours, they felt that they had to do the same on their NL product. Several customers had done overhauls or repairs at 10 or 15,000 hours to find so little wear that they questioned the value in having done the work. Brian and Tom recommended using oil analysis and valve adjustment measurements to monitor wear, as many Northern Lights generators run well past 30,000 hours with nothing but routine maintenance.

Northern Lights were, once again this year, the only engine or generator manufacturer who attended the show. They have been attending the Show for over 15 years, to meet their customers and get feedback on the performance of their equipment. Customers who attend the ACYM typically own generators that run for extensive periods of time, and are more often than not in distant locations far away from a repair facility. So their generators must run reliably.

Having the new General Manager at the show allowed Brian to hear the Voice of the Customer in order to make changes and improvements to the current product, and get an idea of what customers were looking for in future products.

NL M1066A1 generator on board MY Odessa
NL M1066A1 generator on board MY Odessa
Vice President/General Manager, Brian Vesley, with Chief Engineer Dan O’Rourke
Vice President/General Manager, Brian Vesley, with Chief Engineer Dan O’Rourke
SY Marine with 2 x NL M1064A generators on board
SY Marine with 2 x NL M1064A generators on board
Various yachts at the show
Various yachts at the show
Various yachts at the show
Various yachts at the show

New Boats – New Power! (from Northern Lights)

Two weeks ago, three factory-new Bavaria Monohulls arrived in the BVI to join a fleet of yachts for a major BVI yacht charter company.

The Bavarias arrived as basic yachts, but 7-days later they had full air conditioning, shore power upgrades & generators. Parts & Power dealer Marine Maintenance Services performed the installation work on all three yachts.

The generators chosen by the yacht charter company were the mighty 6kW Northern Lights M673L3. They were installed with sound shields and remote start using the S-3c remote panel.  These tough and compact units are quiet and easily handle the load requirements for the air conditioning & charging on the yachts for charter guests.

A tough but very satisfying installation.

horizon3 horizon2 horizon4

‘Foxy Lady’ Crewed Catamaran replaces Onan with Northern Lights

In advance of the Christmas charter rush, the luxury crewed catamaran Lagoon 620 “Foxy Lady” decided to remove the existing Onan generator and replace it with a new M844LW3 Northern Lights set.

The work was performed by Marine Maintenance Services (BVI). It’s always a difficult installation due to constrained access, but the generator is now installed and the crew report it is happily carrying all loads quietly & efficiently!

Foxy Lady foxylady1


On 8 November Parts & Power and Marine Maintenance Service, in cooperation with Northern Lights Inc, sponsored the 11th Annual Charter Yacht Society Annual General Meeting and Crew Party at Peg Landing Restaurant at Nanny Cay Marina. The Annual Event kicked off the 34th Annual BVI Charter Yacht Show. Over 125 members of the Charter Yacht Society (CYS) were in attendance.

Although Parts & Power had been sponsoring the Boat Show Crew party for well over 15 years, the format changed 11 years ago when CYS Executive Director, Janet Oliver, approached them with a novel idea. The CYS is comprised of members, who by the nature of their business, are transient. It was challenging to get a majority of members together to attend an AGM. So Janet proposed combining the AGM with the Annual Crew Party. The format proved to be very successful.

After welcoming remarks by CYS Chairperson, Ruth Ross, & Parts & Power MD, Tom Gerker, a financial appeal was made to membership by Phil Aspinall of VI Search and Rescue (VISAR). Following that, a buffet dinner was put on Peg Leg’s and the AGM was held. Among other issues discussed was the important role the CYS plays in promoting the Charter Yacht Industry with Government, and lobbying to prevent an increase in fees for their members. The Charter Yacht Industry contributes over $50 million to the local economy. Being comprised, in large part, by small single charter boat businesses, it is difficult for the owners or crew of those Charter Yacht Businesses to have their voices heard by Government. The Charter Yacht Society does an outstanding job of representing them.

Following the AGM, Tim Dabbs of Marine Maintenance Services and Tony Tucket of Parts & Power, held an entertaining Trivia Challenge for the CYS members. Winners were awarded promotional items supplied by Northern Lights Inc. Peg Leg’s Restaurant and Manager Luis Samuel did an impressive job of providing ample hospitality and refreshments in a beautiful, nicely set, facility. A good time was had by all.

On Monday, 9 Nov, the Boat Show began. The maximum capacity of 78 yachts were in attendance. Of those, there were 5 Monohulls, 6 Motor Yachts and 67 sailing catamarans, reflecting the changing nature of the Charter Yacht Industry. There were 135 brokers which is 30% more than the previous high. With more demanding qualifications to be a broker, and a nominal charge by the CYS, this is a significant comment on how important the BVI Boat Show has become.

Parts & Power, Marine Maintenance Services and Northern Lights were proud to be able support such an important organization as the BVI Charter Yacht Society, and such a successful event.

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Very satisfied customer

Parts & Power in the BVI received this testimonial from Bob Tetrault of M/Y Bjoyce:

“To the entire P&P crew; Our visit and work accomplished while in the BVI was above and beyond what is expected today. No one is better at getting parts to us as we roam the Atlantic.

Today I opened a delivery that was ordered three days ago. We are presently in the Chesapeake and the order was placed by email after a prompt answer to my price and availability request.

I have been a Perkins, NL and Lugger customer for 25+ years with nothing but stellar service to speak too. Carry on Tom and my best to the crew.”



Bjoyce is a Nordhavn 55 trawler.


Taza Mas, a 93 ft steel ketch, approached Marine Maintenance Services (BVI) with a challenge.  She had 2 old Onan generators that were old & limping & needed replacing.

After reviewing all the options the owner decided to replace them with 2 new M864 25kw Northern Lights.  This was a particular challenge as the old generators had been installed by cutting holes in the side of the hull & inserting the units, re-welding afterwards.  After copious measurements we decided that the old units could be removed & new generators installed by walking them through the boat.  This involved lifting under the aft covered cockpit roof, 20ft through the upper salon, down a flight of stairs, around a corner, down another flight of stairs then monkey swinging both units into place.  Nothing like a challenge!

Both generators are now installed & purring away to the great satisfaction of the Captain.

Taza Mas 3 Taza mas 4 Taza Mas 5 taza Mas 6 Taza mas 7

Leopard 46 Installation

The owner of a Leopard 46 Crewed Charter Yacht asked Marine Maintenance Services in the BVI to replace his faithful 9kw Northern Lights generator.

This unit had 15,000 hours on it & was still running well, but the yacht had only one generator, and with a full charter season ahead they decided to change this out for a new unit. The bonus was that we instantly found him a buyer for the old one!!

The unit is now in place, but we added the optional second mounting system to ensure he had the smoothest and quietest running possible! We expect him to get the same outstanding performance from this new unit and wish him all the best for the oncoming season.

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Parts & Power and Northern Lights are announcing the best sale we’ve had on Northern Lights Generators in years.During 1-30 September 2015, we’re offering special pricing on select marine and industrial generators only available through Eastern Caribbean dealers.  Contact your nearest Eastern Caribbean dealer, visit, or contact Parts & Power at 284-494-2830 for details or the dealer nearest to you.


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Introduction to our newest dealer

Captains speak very highly of the mechanical engineering skills of Erwan Le Normand and his team at Caraïbes Diesel Services.

Erwan started his own company – Caraïbes Diesel Services – in 2007. He previously worked with the former CAT agent in St.Martin for ten years, and Caraïbes Diesel Services now holds the main agency for CAT and Volvo Penta on St.Maarten / St.Martin. Before arriving in Saint Martin he studied at the reputable school of Etel in Brittany, France.


Caraïbes Diesel’s large workshop is located at Sandy Ground on the French side os St Maarten. They can be found near Marina Port Royale (from the lagoon direction), and the Beach Plaza hotel (from the road). They have a workshop dock to ensure a speedy service by water across the lagoon to provide service to yachts in all the main marinas. Language is not a problem as all four factory trained mechanics and one electrician on the team speak English.

Whilst specializing in Caterpillar and Volvo Penta, this highly professional team work with all main and auxiliary diesel engines including MAN, Perkins, Northern Lights and Yanmar. The company’s quality of service is so highly rated that Erwan services the French coastguard and ‘douanes’ vessels including full large engine refits.

Caraïbes Diesel’s parts store stocks a large range of over 2,500 items covering all manner of spares, belts, filters, lubricants and oils for CAT and Volvo Penta. From simple oil filters and injectors, to engine blocks and generators, they stock it!

This testimonial from a Captain sums up Caraïbes Diesel Services: “Erwan and his team provided a really good service when carrying out a complete rebuild on a Caterpillar engine – and delivered on time!”

Marine Maintenance Services Revives A Lagoon 560

We recently hauled a Lagoon 560 at Nanny Cay boat yard to complete a quick Sea Cock check & install 2 new generators.

The original 21kw Onan in the bow had been giving endless issues despite very low hours. So the owner asked us for the solution.  After a little brain storming we ended up replacing the forward unit with a 20kw (M844LW3) Northern Lights. We also installed a 12kw (M843NW3)  Northern Lights in the Port Aft hull.

The boat is back in the water & chartering again.  The crew are very happy with the performance of the forward unit & report that the 2nd unit gives them both a perfect night time generator & the peace of mind knowing that they are not totally reliant on one unit.

M844LW3 Installation  IMG_0236  IMG_0237 IMG_0199